Factors that contribute to Dialysis

Family History

The prevalence of CKD and related risk factors is significant among family members of CKD patients.


Both men and women's renal function deteriorates as they get older.


Hypertension has long been recognized as a risk factor for both CKD and ESRD, with hypertension accounting for 27% of all ESRD patients in the US.

First Consultation

We consult with you to identify the causes leading to Dialysis.


We work with you throughout the management of your treatment to ensure success.

How A Nephrologist Will Help with Dialysis

When your kidneys fail, dialysis maintains your body’s balance by removing waste, salt, and excess water, preventing them from accumulating in the body. Dialysis treatment with Kidney Consultants of El Paso helps you in keeping certain chemicals in your blood, such as potassium and sodium at a safe level also assisting in the control of blood pressure.

Our Treatment Process

Schedule Appointment

Scheduling an appointment will begin your pathway to health.


The two methods generally used to assess dialysis adequacy are URR (urea reduction ratio) and Kt/V (dialyzer clearance time over volume)


We will consistently manage the progress and treatment of your condition through regular appointments.

How Haemodialysis Is Performed

Treating the cause

Treating the underlying problems with dialysis will control or slow the progression further complications.

Diet changes

After treatment it is very important to follow fluid and diet plan, additionally it is also critical to continue treatments as outlined by the physician.

Schedule An Appointment

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