Factors that affect blood pressure

Diet changes

High salt diets can increase blood pressure.

Kidney Damage

Chronic high blood pressure damages kidneys.


Hormones secreted by the kidneys increases blood pressure.

Initial Consultation

We work with you to understand the root cause of your hypertension.

Ongoing Support

Consistent monitoring of medications and lifestyle will keep your blood pressure within range.

How a Nephrologist Will Help with Hypertension

Kidney Consultants of El Paso will help you to make the proper lifestyle choices that will reduce the symptoms of your hypertension as well as assist you with medications that can help to improve your blood pressure by bringing back into the proper range. Our experienced team of nephrologists provide ongoing support in managing your hypertension through consistent monitoring.

Our Treatment Process

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We perform tests to identify the source of your hypertension in order to develop the most comprehensive treatment strategy.


We work with you to manage your condition by monitoring your progress over time, making changes as required.

Benefits of Hypertension Treatment

Live Healthier

Hypertension is a serious condition that can be fatal in some patients. Without proper management, your hypertension can impact your heart health.

Reduce the Risk of Stroke

High blood pressure means that you are four times as likely to suffer a stroke.

Reduce the Risk of Kidney Disease

Hypertension treatment will allow you to reduce your risk of kidney disease.

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