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Kidney Stones

Factors That Contribute To Kidney Stones

Treating the cause
Family or personal history

It is very likely that if a family member has kidney stones that you may develop them too, Additionally if you have had kidney stones in the past you have an increased risk to re-develop them.

Family history

A genetic predisposition can increase risk of urinary tract infections.

medical conditions

Conditions such as hyperparathyroidism, recurrent UTIs , tubular acidosis and cystinuria may contribute to kidney stones.

First Consultation

We discuss with you the frequency and severity of your kidney stones to identify the cause of your condition.


A combination of medication and preventative measures will be enacted, and we will manage your condition over time.

How a Nephrologist Will Help With Recurrent Kidney Stones

Kidney stones (also known as renal calculi, nephrolithiasis, or urolithiasis) are mineral and salt deposits that form within your kidneys. Kidney stones can be very painful to pass, but if caught early enough, they typically do not cause permanent harm. Kidney Consultants of El Paso provides the ultimate care for patients experiencing kidney stones in their lives. We work with patients to identify the cause of their renal calculi and offer treatments as well as counseling on preventative measures.

Our Treatment Process

Schedule an Appointment

If you experience nephrolithiasis, schedule an appointment with our team.


We evaluate your condition as well as your kidney health before recommending a treatment course.


Management of your condition is performed over time to reduce the frequency of your kidney stones.

How Kidney Stones are Treated

Pain Medication

Passing a small stone may be annoying. Your doctor can prescribe pain relievers to alleviate minor discomfort.

Medical therapy

To help you pass your kidney stone, your doctor can prescribe medication. An alpha blocker is a form of drug that relaxes the muscles in your ureter, allowing you to move a kidney stone more easily and with less pain.

Sound waves to break up stones

Sound waves are used to produce powerful vibrations (shock waves) that break up the stones into small bits that can be transferred through the urine. Since the operation takes 45 to 60 minutes and may be painful, you may be given sedation or mild anesthesia to help you relax.

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